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In this section of the NearestBnB guide, you will find the best Airbnbs that are just few steps away from the most famous and iconic landmarks in Europe and USA, as well as the most unique accommodation as hotels in European and American cities that are worth discovering even for just a weekend.

Also, you will find personal impressions on destinations we discovered over the years, our experiences, and memories. We thought that sharing our journey with you, what we learnt along the way, and what we enjoyed the most could be useful for other travellers too.

All the Airbnbs and accommodations on our lists are chosen to make sure that you will not waste any second of your vacation searching for your destination, and additionally we looked for top-quality rentals supported by great hosts.

This list of Airbnbs, hotels, and accommodations is constantly updated and we are always working hard to discover new destinations and their best rental options every week. 

Even if you haven’t planned your next trip yet, scroll through our blog posts and get inspired!